About our Company

Nation Wide Company LTD We have decades of experience in the gold and dimond stones  business and we have a stellar worldwide reputation for top quality products and service. We figure that proves that we provide one of the best shopping experiences on the internet, something we are proud of and which has always been our goal.We only sell the highest quality top grade gold-dore bars and nuggets and specimens so you might find cheaper natural gold elsewhere, but our quality will always outshine the competition. We do not compromise quality or service, so you will always have the most pleasant shopping experience with us buy gold in USA .
Years of experience has given us an edge in the mining sector as one of the biggest exporters of rough diamond in Cameroon and Africa as a whole. We are prided on being among the major indigenous mining companies in Cameroon and also among the largest producers and exporters of rough diamond annually. We mine and export rough diamond (uncut diamond), fine white diamond, fancy rough diamond of pyramid and round shapes, color grading D – H, and of VVS1 – VVS2 purity and good quality bonny light crude oil with a favorable conditions of transaction and in large quantity.All our diamond export is accompanied by certificate.. Our prices are incomparable. Supplying genuine quality rough diamond, white rough diamond and colored fancy rough diamond at the minimum local prices is our priority. click here to contact us
We guarantee it. Here are a few points why you should shop with us for your gold nuggets and dore-bars: Top quality hand selected Jewelry/Investment Grade Natural Gold-dore bars and Nuggets.Top quality customer service. Super fast response to emails and telephone calls.Super fast shipping.
We have been dealing  in gold and diamond  since 2010 and operating our online gold sales business since 2016.
Experienced and honest great team for a pleasant and safe shopping experience.Natural gold standard fall into three categories.- Jewelry/Investment Grade, the highest grade, meaning they do not have any significant mineralization or host rock and the shape is pleasing to the eye.- Common Grade, which means they are too nice to melt, but they still contain some mineralization and host rock.- Melt grade, which means they are too ugly or too highly mineralized to be collectible, and their best use is to be melted and refined into pure gold-dore bars. All of the nuggets you see on our of our website are Jewelry/Investment Grade and they have all been been hand selected. This assures you that when you buy your gold-dore bars, dust, nuggets and specimens from us, that you are only buying the very best quality natural gold. All gold comes with a certificate of authenticity.
We declare that we have full legal title and possession of the offered Raw Gold Dore-Bars and has full Government approval (if where required) to sell and export Raw Gold of non-criminal origin, and with no liens and / or encumbrances attached or pending under the terms of this full Corporate offer.About us
We sale in small quantity Minimum order from 200 Gram for does interested in buying to product chains,Watch,Rings.About us