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Buy 1oz Gold Britannia Best Value 24ct Online

Weight (grams): 31.21

Pure gold content (grams): 31.103

Fineness: 999.9

Dimensions: 2013 Version: 38.61mm, else: 32.69mm Diameter

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Buy 1oz Gold Britannia Best Value 24ct Online

Buy 1oz Gold Britannia Best Value 24ct Online

Gold Britannia mixed year coins in 24ct gold minted 2013 to present.

Firstly, Gold Britannias are the most popular 1 oz gold coin for larger UK private investors as they are Capital Gains Tax Free (CGT Exempt).

Buy 1oz Gold Britannia

Britannias are British bullion gold coins first introduced in 1987 with a face value of £100.00.  From 2013 onwards, the Royal Mint produced 24 carat coins with a weight of 31.21 grams.  2013 Britannia’s are flatter and wider at 38.61mm with the remaining years being 32.69mm.

The coins may be and are sold accordingly on gold content rather than condition, however all coins will be a minimum of fair condition. Gold prices include free insured delivery.

All of our coins are out in protective plastic capsules, though every 10 coins will be grouped in a protective Royal Mint coin tube.

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