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Buy 2011 Maltese Gold 50 Euro coin Online

Manufacturer: Malta Mint

Weight (grams): 6.5

Pure gold content (grams): 5.96

Fineness: 916.7

Dimensions: 21mm

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Buy 2011 Maltese Gold 50 Euro coin Online

Buy 2011 Maltese Gold 50 Euro coin Online

A 2011 Malta Fifty Euro gold proof coin featuring the Phoenicians in Malta. This coin is by the Central Bank of Malta as part of a commemorative series titled ‘Explorers’. Only 2,000 of these proof coins exits.

The reverse of the coin depicts the Europa Star around the edge of the coin and a type of longboat in the central image. This boat was used by the Phoenicians, who were early settlers in Malta. The obverse bears the national emblem of Malta since its independence and the year of issue.

Buy Maltese Gold Coin

The Phoenicians primarily from Sidon and Tyre in Canaan/Kanaan – an ancient nation the majority of which is now modern-day Lebanon. The travellers came across to the island around 750 BC as part of their search for trade to the west. They used Malta as a stopping point for travel further west to Spain and North Africa, naming it Maleth – ‘Shelter’.

Please note: This product is as ‘coin only’ in a plastic capsule. There is no box or certificate.

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