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Buy Tenth Ounce Gold Britannia Online

Manufacturer: Royal Mint

Weight (grams): 3.1g to 3.4g

Pure gold content (grams): 3.11

Fineness: 916.7

Dimensions: 16mm Diameter

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Buy Tenth Ounce Gold Britannia Online

Buy Tenth Ounce Gold Britannia Online

Various designs are on these coins depending on the year, so you may not receive the exact coin pictured, but rest assured you will receive a great looking coin. A British bullion gold coin with a face value of £10.00. Due to their status as British Legal tender they are exempt from capital gains tax (CGT).

Buy Tenth Ounce Gold

This coin contains one-tenth troy ounce (3.1 grams) of fine gold. 1987-2012 coins are 22 carat and are therefore slightly heavier at 3.41g. 2013 coins onwards are pure gold 24 carat and weigh 3.12g.

You will receive a random year of our choosing in good to fair condition.

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